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Just when you think you’ve done it all in NYC, you come across something new. Whether it’s a new museum, quiet street corner, or super cheap breakfast sandwich spot, there’s always a new place to visit.

Brownstone JAZZ regulars

Unfortunately, new places are hard to get to and your life is often confined to the subway or bus line you live on. At Revel, our goal is to make getting around easier, quicker, and way more fun. There’s always something to do here. Stop worrying about taking forever to get there. Stop worrying about paying too much. Just pick a destination. Hop on a Revel. And go.

On this blog, we’ll be highlighting new places to try and how a Revel can help you get there. Leave a comment if you’ve been somewhere recently you’d like to share — we’re always on the hunt for ideas!

Street view of the Sankofa Aban Bed and Breakfast

First up on our list is Brownstone JAZZ in Bed Stuy. Located inside the Sankofa Aban Bed & Breakfast, this mom and pop operation provides an experience available to guests only a few nights a week. Located at 107 Macon Street inside one of Bed Stuy’s famous turn of the century brownstones, you’ll find some of the most talented musicians in NYC. Grab your date (or that friend always down to try new things), unlock your Revels, and travel back in time to an intimate jazz club for authentic music and fish fry.

Start the journey off by picking up your Revels in Williamsburg, Bushwick, or Greenpoint and head south by way of Nostrand Ave to Bedford Stuyvesant. The trip from Williamsburg will take you about 13 minutes and you’ll find parking with ease on Macon Street. Although Bed Stuy isn’t a drop-off zone for Revel yet, you’ll be able to park your moped and pause your ride while you’re inside enjoying the show.

Brownstone Jazz Owner, Debbie McClain

The owner of Brownstone JAZZ, Debbie McClain, will welcome you into her home with open arms. She’s a key piece to this experience and one of the most mentioned hosts on TripAdvisor to date. You’ll be one of twenty nightly guests, so make sure to reserve your spot in advance as the place fills up quickly. We’ve seen a few different places online to buy tickets, but here seems to be the best deal. 

They have cooks in the kitchen whipping up southern fair and they are known for their fish fry and world famous cornbread. Dinner is included in the ticket price ($65) and is served buffet style. The entry time is 8:30 pm and we recommend arriving around then. The lights go down around 9 pm and dinner ensues. The evening is co-hosted by Eric Lemons, an accomplished string musician. He’ll take you on an educational journey back in time through the history of jazz in New York City. From the piano to the brass, the music is unparalleled and the authenticity is a far cry from the tourist trap jazz clubs we find in Manhattan today.

Once you’ve wrapped up with Debbie, the ride back to our home zone is no more than 15 minutes. Keep in mind, life is a journey, not a destination, so don’t just go. Revel and go. 

An intimate setting and a great vibe



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